What sets us apart as an employer

What sets us apart as an employer

Values and benefits

SERVICE. PASSION. SPEED. Values that set our working environment apart. Because we live and breathe them. How? Like this:


Speed is our strength. Because passion deserves to be given free rein. That’s why our working environment is characterised by healthy pragmatism and flat hierarchies, enabling us to respond quickly and flexibly at all times. For us, the next step is always the one that matters most. It drives us forward, fills our working environment with life and spurs our growth. Timely and cost-effective implementation for a superb track record. Or, in other words, precision pragmatism at NextPharma. 


Whether penicillins, cephalosporins or hormones – and whether solid, semi-solid or liquid – passion is always our winning formula.  We are uncompromisingly dedicated when it comes to quality, responsibility, excellence and continuous improvement. We know no boundaries when it comes to international and interdisciplinary collaboration. And we embrace open communication at all levels, because we attach great importance to a positive working environment. None of this would be possible without trust. In ourselves, our abilities and our technologies. Or without the pride that comes from growing together day in, day out. Because we know that passion is the best medicine when it comes to excellent service around the world.


We live and breathe service. In every fibre of our beings. And we know that service comes from people – i.e. our global NextPharma team. That’s why we are committed to service within the company, too: with a conscious employee focus and additional benefits – for an atmosphere that encourages people to join and stay:

  •    Flexible working time models
  •    Frequent new opportunities to work in different European countries
  •    Sports teams, employee events, parties and unlimited coffee
  •    Holiday bonuses, annual bonuses, company pension scheme
  • Staff Silke

    Silke, Laboratory Chemist at NextPharma

    Laboratory Chemist – a job with bright prospects. And a job that has always fascinated Silke. She soon realised that it was what she wanted to do. And the rest is history! Having completed her studies at TU Dortmund University, Silke joined NextPharma in 2009. She is based at the Waltrop site in North Rhine-Westphalia, where she finds the people friendly. She really likes their attitude to life, which is also reflected in day-to-day work at NextPharma. It also complements the variety on offer here, with Silke able to design her own processes as part of her role. No set workflows, no humdrum routine – but rather plenty of responsibility. And Silke is happy to assume responsibility. Because it allows her to work efficiently and at her own pace, without being obstructed. Silke knows that the medications she is working on have the power to help people. For us, this is one of the best reasons to make your passion reality. Welcome to NextPharma.
  • Staff Kamil

    Kamil, Warehouse Operative at NextPharma

    Kamil is a Warehouse Operative at the NextPharma site in Berlin. His team comprises four people. It’s a small, close-knit unit whose members support each other and work hard. Together, they find the best solution for the entire process – day in, day out. And to keep everything running smoothly, they work pragmatically. When a forklift truck got stuck a while ago, everyone helped out and solved the problem together. All for one, one for all. With this philosophy, they ensure that the products are always in the right place at the right time in their warehouse. And the same could be said of Kamil when he joined NextPharma in 2018. For Kamil, it isn’t just the perfect synergy within his team that makes working here so special. He also values the additional benefits such as subsidised travel on public transport as well as his holiday and Christmas bonuses. The icing on the cake for him and his well-oiled team.