Application help

Application help

Your complete documents are very important for your application process with us.

When creating your postal and e-mail application, make sure that all necessary documents are attached. These include:

  • a meaningful cover letter in which you briefly explain to us which job you are applying for, why you would like to work with us and why you apply to our job advertisement
  • a tabular CV, from which your previous school career, your previous career and fields of activity emerge
  • Work certificates, certificates and other evidence
  • Your next possible entry date and your salary expectations, except for training offers

Please make sure that your email attachments are completely appended in pdf format. For security reasons, all other formats are not accepted by the system and we cannot process your application.

If you have someone's application read correction, possible mistakes can be avoided in advance.

This is how the application process at the NextPharma Group works:

Welcome to the NextPharma Group!

Welcome to the NextPharma Group!

  • Jean-Marie, Technical Project Manager at NextPharma

    Right from day one, Jean-Marie sensed the trust placed in him by NextPharma. The trust in his abilities. His willpower. His vision. Even during his apprenticeship back in 1993, he was able to flourish, contribute his ideas and develop his own solutions – and thus go from strength to strength every single day. These days, Jean-Marie is responsible for managing supply and construction projects at the French site in Limay. And he is living proof that people can develop and grow when their passion is not impeded. His job challenges him every single day, which is just how Jean-Marie likes it. Because he works in a team that he can always count on. He says that, after all these years, they feel like a second family. Because they are a team based on unconditional trust.
  • Nine, Head of the Production Group at NextPharma

    Nine works at our French site, in Limay. He joined the company as a Production Technician in 2001. Since then, he has encountered virtually all aspects of the pharmaceutical sector. And is impressed by the industry’s diversity. After all, this is what makes working life at NextPharma so varied and dynamic, with medications that boast a vast array of forms and formulas. Customer requirements that pose new challenges. Meticulous compliance with quality assurance and health & safety regulations. In a shared culture in which responsibilities are clearly assigned so that the challenges of day-to-day operations can be overcome with an extra dose of passion. Nine has been Head of the Production Group since 2016. Always safe in the knowledge that employees can develop and grow at NextPharma. And that dedication will always be rewarded – for an entire working life.
  • Virginie, Product Quality Assurance Assistant at NextPharma

    In Virginie’s opinion, one particular factor sets NextPharma apart from other large pharmaceutical companies:  streamlined structures. And how do they make their presence felt? Through a high degree of efficiency in day-to-day working routines according to Virginie, who works hand in hand with the rest of her team to maintain product quality at our site in Limay. With clear responsibilities and scope for personal initiative. To allow rapid and flexible responses at all times. For a company that is continuously evolving, the next step is always the one that matters most. And as demonstrated by Virginie’s journey at NextPharma: nobody at the company stands still. Following her internship in the Production department 20 years ago, Virginie has worked in a variety of different departments, continuously expanding her knowledge. She has been a Product Quality Assurance Assistant since 2015. She has been met with trust at every stage of her career journey. Not to mention the good feeling of being needed.